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About Us


The Gusstop Cafe


Gus Obeid is the owner of The Gusstop in Auckland. Growing up watching freshly home-roasted coffee brewed on an open flame in copper pots in Palestine and seeing his mother, aunts spend hours preparing enormous hearty plates of gorgeous food bursting with freekeh, pomegranate, couscous and roasted veggies has created a desire to feed others, the way his family fed him. “In my culture food is everything – it’s how we do business, how we celebrate, how we commiserate. It might sound cliché, but food really is love and I’m so happy that I’ve found a way to run a business and share that same joy with others.” Just like those Aunties, Gus loves nothing more than seeing happy customers come back for something that made them smile, something he and his team created fresh that day.


Our people are the beating heart of our business. It’s our staff who deliver on truly valuing customers, in the way they deserve. That’s why we make an extraordinary effort to bring on board talented individuals with the intuition, personality and passion to commit to our cause.

We seek out people who really understand what drives us and get them to invest in our values by training them in our systems; coaching them on the job and mentoring them in business. Not to become robots, but to be human in all the right Gusstop ways – in the small things that matter, the things which create a moment of happiness, no matter how fleeting. We want them to take a genuine interest in you, like we do, to want to know your name – and your story too.